Perfect triple spurs Akausagi (Red Rabbit)

  • 2018.07.28 Saturday
  • 18:39

At last eagerly waited Akausagi has bloomed. This is perfect triple spur looks like rabbit ears.It's interesting to compare Akausagi with Oiran.This Oiran is the best one I have even it has only 2/6 triple spurs.

Akausagi and Oiran





  • 2018.07.24 Tuesday
  • 08:52

Hanakanzasi has another variety name ‘Oiran’ which means Geisha girl. Hanakanzashi means flower featured heir pin usualy Geisha put on in Edo era.

Hanakanzashi was selected from big name Syutennou. The spur and the tip of the petals are red and only sometimes shows triple spur not all but one of the flowers. There are very wide range varieties, some plants don’t show any sign of triple, some plants show triple but not full length of spurs and here is mine. Only one flower shows perfect triple spurs and others double and single. This is common understanding for all Fuukiran growers that Hanakanzashi’s triple spur isn’t stable.

 On the other hand Akausagi is also selected triple spur from Syutennou but constantly showing triple spur all the flowers.


Oiran 1 Oiran's flower is bigger compear to plant size.

Oiran 2  The flowers are so heavey that need stalk to help.


Akausagi 1Akausagi shows triple spurs on every flowers.

Akaussagi 2  I can't wait to see them bloom.




Ichigenmaru 一玄丸 #Fuukiran #Neofinetia

  • 2018.03.29 Thursday
  • 00:25

 Many of you may aware that because of Seikai’s flower is heavily mutated it can’t be pollinated itself or sib.

But its pollen can pollinate to other plants.

 Recently a hybridizer made Ichigenmaru and released in Japanese market.

((Ryokuho x Seikai) x Seikai) This back cross was succeeded to make close to Seikai. It is 3/4 Seikai.

 Please look at photos. It is almost Seikai. The difference Ichigenmaru and Seikai is very limited. Tsuke color and flower shape and color is reported. If you see Ichigenmaru without label can you distinguish these two plants?

 How do you think about this?





Den.Golden Blossum variegate

  • 2018.03.22 Thursday
  • 08:55

The flower of Den.Golden Blossum 'Kogane' variegate has maroginal variegation on leaves and also has white margin on its flowers.



Sedirea(Phalaenopsis) japonica

  • 2018.03.22 Thursday
  • 08:41

Always beautiful!!

Tuberolabium kotoense

  • 2018.03.22 Thursday
  • 08:25

I had this little pretty flower. I purchased it from Orchid Limited.

Inherited character of Fuukiran

  • 2018.03.21 Wednesday
  • 11:42

  Most of you have already aware that the name of Fuukiran is quite vague in Japan. Many kind of Fuukiran are sold the same name as original plant even if they are seedlings. It is serious problem that we can’t to keep purity of original plant. Except for several variegated kind there exist seedlings. Most of the seedlings show almost the same character of mother plant but not the same!  After several years, they grow the same size as mother plant, it’s impossible to identify mother plant or not. But observe carefully seedlings have sometime different character. Thus we lost many kind of original plants.

 In other aspect seedlings contributed to spread Fuukiran worldwide and made reasonable price. But at the same time oversupply destroyed prices and growers mind to love them because they are worthless. 

 The essence of Fuukiran is rareness and unusuality. The technology of mass production is changing the world of Fuukiran. I wonder how to maintain originality of Fuukiran that has been handed down for 300 years. 


Here is the list of inherited character of Fuukiran

Visiters to my greenhouse

  • 2017.09.19 Tuesday
  • 20:31


This year I had those visiters.






Aerangis punctate

  • 2017.09.06 Wednesday
  • 09:37

Aerangis punctate is one of my favorite, small Angraecoid species. It has a long spur and nice scent like Neofinetia.
Its flowers are incredibly large compare to body itself. I think it exhaust to much energy for flowering and I failed to grow several times. This plant came from Orchid Limited MN. USA 3 years before.

Aerangis punctata


Aerangis punctataここに本文を記入してください。

Aerangis punctataここに本文を記入してください。

Aerangis punctataここに本文を記入してください。

Aerangis punctataここに本文を記入してください。


Kibana Daiou 黄花大王

  • 2017.08.11 Friday
  • 21:10

 This is my recent bloom of yellow Neofinetia(Vanda) hybrid. Its parentage is uncertain. Comparing usual yellow it looks huge. It supposed to be a 4N type. Thick and hard flowers are long lasting. 'Kibana Daiou' means King of Yellow flowers in Japanese.






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